Funding and Support of Partners Sustain the Growth of the ICDL


Funding for the ICDL comes from many different sponsors and partners.  Of course, anyone has the ability to donate—just enter the ICDL’s website and locate the “SUPPORT THE LIBRARY” section in pink.  Clicking on “MAKE A DONATION” will direct individuals to PayPal and they can proceed from there.

Funding for the ICDL comes from, as indicated by Budzise et. al (2012), “[e]ducational institutions, donors, and [the] government.”  Funding is of utmost importance when trying to kick-start and sustain a project.  The ICDL is supported by “publishers, library sponsors, the National Science Foundation, Microsoft, Adobe Systems Incorporated, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services” (Budzise et. al, 2012).  Major partner organizations are the American Library Association (ALA), Center for the Book, International Youth Library (IJB), Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section/International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA), and Library of Congress (LOC).

Collaboration is a critical aspect of the International Children’s Library.  Team members speak different languages and come from different cultures:

Adult team members are native or fluent speakers of a number of languages besides English, and are working with school children and their teachers and librarians…to study how different cultures use both physical and digital libraries…and to understand how children who speak different languages can communicate and learn about each other’s cultures through sharing books. (Hutchinson et. al, 2005, p.6)



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