Application of Technologies

In the context of technologies, it is difficult to identify exactly what the ICDL uses to make the library website functional.  Hutchinson et. al (2005) indicate that all four search interfaces (Simple, Advanced, Keyword, Location)  are “implemented with Java Servlet technology, use only HTML and JavaScript on the client side, and can run on a 56K modem.”  This information might be a bit outdated, but it still seems relevant.

Hutchinson et. al (2005) continue:

All of these methods search the library for books with matching metadata.  Users can then read the book using a variety of book readers, including standard HTML pages and more elaborate Java-based tools developed by the ICDL team that present book pages in comic or spiral layouts…In addition to the public interface, ICDL also includes a private Web site that was developed for book contributors to enter bibliographic metadata about the books they provide to the library.

It is difficult to identify the technologies the ICDL implements, but it would be a wise idea to  perform more research, specifically by contacting an ICDL representative.


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