Thoughts on My Journal


This analytical and reflective journal on the exploration of multilingual information access could be improved in so many different ways.  Multilingual information access, it seems, is such a broad topic.  I got stuck on my writing many times because I didn’t know where to begin and end on my entries.  Since I decided to create a journal, I figured that it would be all right if I didn’t focus so much on producing a project that had a solid thesis statement or argument.  I made it more of a product of free-writing, if you will.

When I started this journal, I wanted to document my findings, but it was actually much more difficult than I thought.  I didn’t know if I wanted to record my thoughts while exploring the ICDL or after exploring it.  I wanted to keep my entries consistent, but I ended up not writing much about my personal experience with the ICDL anyway.

One aspect that I wanted to focus on was the ICDL’s multilingual metadata and catalog; I wanted to tie these two elements back to multilingual information access in some way.  While I was working on this project, I realized that there wasn’t much I could have written about it, though.  Yes, the ICDL offers a unique catalog where books are labeled in non-traditional ways, but I wish I could have had access to some metadata examples.  With examples, I think I could have written an analysis in greater depth.  Of course, this is just my personal view.

At this point, I’m feeling a bit ambivalent about my journal.  Perhaps it is a work-in-progress, a project that is open to edits and refinement.  Despite my ambivalence, I still found this journal to be a worthwhile project.


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